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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Sting CFNM: Looking For Trouble


College life is full of surprises and living in the Student halls can be a real adventure especially if its your first time away from home. Living in mixed accommodation though has its temptations as one young man (Joey Whyte) was about to discover.

One of the girls he quite liked (Lin Lee) would always take a shower at certain times. The young man is question decided it would be a great chance to take a peek. The girl is unaware of his close interest in her and only finds out when another girl passing the shower bock (Anna Swix) notices what going on. The two girls are very angry and order the boy to go back to the common room with them.

He doesn't want anybody to find out what he's been up to so decides instead to take a punishment from the girls themselves! They feel that nothing less than a good bare bottom spanking with bring the frisky lad down to size. 

 Make him feel like a real naughty boy, which, of course, is what he is.

They set to work with one of the girls quickly putting the boy over her knee and spanking him like a badly behaved teen.

The lad's bare bottom begins to burn and the spanking is only interrupted by the arrival of the janitor, who wonders what is going on.

On hearing the story the janitor too takes the hapless lad over his knee and spanks him hard in front of the two girls. 

The naked offender is feeling more than just ashamed now but it'll be the strapping he gets from all three of his punisher's that will really scold some sense back in to him.

His stinging red raw bare bottom will be a burning reminder for several hours to come.

And the embarrassing memory will sting for much longer!

Joey Whyte plays the unlucky young man


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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Sting CFNM: Miss Behavior - Preview Trailer

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Video Preview

STING CFNM Miss Behaviour


After warning two college boys about their rowdy behaviour the Housemistress (Lola Prazak) has had enough. The lads, Joshua Clark and Casper Ellis think they can get away with anything and have become more bold in their skylarking. They're going to be in for a shock as Miss is on the warpath and she fully intends to put a humiliating end to their boisterous behaviour!

Arriving at their dormitory she sees they are still acting like juniors. Time to act then and act now! 

Quickly putting out a chair she takes Joshua straight over her knee, pulling down his pyjamas at the same time and then begins spanking his little rounded bare bottom!

The other boy, Casper, stares on wide eyed in bewilderment. It looks like the threats she gave previously really are now going to happen.

Joshua thought he could take it but Miss spanks long and hard, it really stings! 
He stands up his bare bottom is red and burning, now its Casper's turn. Over he goes, Miss gets going and soon Casper too can feel the scorching sting build and build. His smooth rounded bare bottom is defenceless as Miss spanks the boys cheeks a fiery red.


Now they are both facing the bunk bed soothing their well heated bare buttocks. Surely only the juniors should get this!
but what now? Miss is eyeing up the rubber soled carpet slippers by the boys bunk.

Their butts are glowing and things are stirring they have to turn round now as ordered and bend over the bench. 
This will be embarrassing! That carpet slipper is going to maker a fine instrument to really impact some discipline in to these rowdy senior boys!

The wicked rubber sole of the slipper really burns in to their already spanked bare bottoms. Poor Joshua and Casper they have to do their best to take it, Miss is unrelenting in her punishment.

Standing facing the bed at the end with Miss admiring her handy work both boys have already decided to improve their manners and as far as they are concerned, for now, there's going to be no more misbehaviour

Video Preview to follow