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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Video Preview Trailer for Sting CFNM: Liar Mouth

Sting CFNM: Liar Mouth

Scroll down to view or download the video preview for Liar Mouth, featuring unlucky young Michael getting spanked by his Father and Mother.


For the next three weeks a full sized, high definition, version of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE


Sunday, 23 July 2017

Sting CFNM Website

Sting have asked me to let you know that, due to technical reasons, the Sting and Sting CFNM Spanking sites will be closed for the next few hours

I will let you know when they are back up

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Sting CFNM: Liar Mouth

Another embarrassing punishment for a naughty boy who never learns his lesson!

Its young Michael again (Alessandro Katz) and he still hasn't got the message that he must attend school. Bunking off (playing truant) and doing as he pleases is not going to be tolerated! He thinks nobody will find out but that's the bit he's got so very wrong. This is the sort of boy of course who never seems to learn, certainly not from experience anyway.

Waiting for him at home are some very cross parents. They've got wind of his truanting and are once again trying to get the message through, he must do as he is told!

This will be done no matter how humiliating it might be for a senior lad and while they are at it he can take a good long spanking again on his bare bottom!

This to make sure he really doesn't forget. In the long term he must understand it's all for his own good!

Michael's mother and father take turns in spanking his bare bottom, making the punishment even more embarrassing! 

video preview to follow



Friday, 9 June 2017

Sting CFNM: All About Trust

CFNM All About Trust

Moving house is always a difficult experience, especially getting everything all packed up and ready to go. 

One young couple, a girl friend and boyfriend, are undertaking just such a move. 
They've got everything ready to go and are busy dumping all the boxes into their new flat. 

Everything is fine until till the girl discovers that one box contains more than the boy's work tools and other possessions. He hadn't counted on her going through it!

Unfortunately this is the box that the boy has stashed his secret collection of porn mags. He was never expecting it would get opened by his girlfriend. She's not happy and decides the best thing is to punish her lover. 

This is the best excuse to put him over her knee and soundly spank his perfectly round smooth bare bottom. 

After this there has got to be something else in those boxes to make certain he's more discrete in future. Ah, now, that Japanese rice paddle in the kitchen tools looks interesting!

All About Trust” was inspired by this Japanese anime cartoon






Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Campaign against this Blog

There have been ongoing attempts to convince Blogger to delete this blog. These briefly succeeded a few weeks ago. However, it now seems that it is being attempted again

We are still receiving threats and allegations that all of our blogs are breaching Bloggers Terms. This has been going on now for two years, and, will no doubt continue until the Blogs are finally taken down by Blogger.

Because of this please take note of the new blogs which we wre moving to

Feel The Sting at

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sting CFNM: Family Values Part 2


In this second edition young Michael has got himself in to big trouble again. 
While both his parents think he's been attending college in fact he hasn't and has been spending his days messing around with friends. This will certainly not give him the education his family want and now foolishly he's been found out!

the resources to give him a good education. He's let them all down and now as a strong lesson to remember he's going to be punished in front of them!

Brought in to the sitting room by his ear, Michael is about to find out what going against his parents wishes will bring him!

He's become very cocky of late and a bit of humiliation, coupled with a good spanking and a dose of Dads belt, will hopefully become the short sharp shock he deserves.

Another downside is his sister will be there to see it all too. Michael's Mum and sister in fact will get a full on ring side seat, all in close up, relishing the fact of the boys complete embarrassment!

This is getting really embarrassing ….

and painful!!

It really isn't gong to be Michael's best day, being photographed on his sisters mobile  (not knowing who she will share it with)

.. and being used as a footstool at the end will become the ultimate humiliation!

How embarrassing ....!!!